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Study Tour, an annual event organized by the year 2 students of Department of Real Estate & Construction, has been held over ten years. It is one of the major academic and student-run activities of our Department. Our aim is to gain insights as to the real estates and construction industries in foreign countries.

This year our study tour, known as "HKU Surveying Study Tour 2000", will visit two cities, Berlin and Chicago respectively. We chose these two cities that were, both culturally and quite different from Hong Kong in terms of real estate and construction, while in some way quite similar. By compare and contrast we can come across stimulated to think the way in which the real estate and construction industries are run in different cities.

By studying Berlin and Chicago, we hope to achieve the following objectives:
- investigate and analyze property market in real estates and construction
- compare and contrast practice of construction industry in Berlin & Chicago with that of Hong Kong
- examine & analyze the Land Management system in Berlin and Chicago
- study the institution framework within the land conversion process
- gain insight in bringing Hong Kong to develop into a mature world class metropolitan economy in 21st Century

We would like to thank our Department to give us such a chance. Without doubt, it is really a challenging job to organize an oversea activity on our own. Each participant is now heavily involved in the tour?s organization, responsible for choosing destination and managing the administration of the programme. This activity involvement enables us to increase confidence and gives further depth, scope and interest to our studies.

Now all of us are looking forward to the study tour in coming summer with excitement, at the same time we are managing the challenging preparation works. I would like to say thank you to all my colleagues for their effort, and all the lecturers and staff who gave us support and advice in the past months.

Cheung Wai Kwan, Virginia
Organizing Committee
HKU Surveying Study Tour 2000

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